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hello november


If I measured the value of my week in terms of things accomplished/cool revalations/muscle soreness, it's been one for the books.

I. Things Accomplished
I biked everywhere this week. I consider this worth mentioning, as I've never been into biking before. Reasons why I'm enjoying it:

A) 15 miles/day= $1.50 in gas/day x 5 days= $7.50 saved on gas
B) Listening to books on tape on my ipod (currently, The Cinderella Man, to feed the hungry boxing beast within)
C) Getting extra exercise that doesn't actually count when you total up your hours at the end of the week, but still makes you feel like you worked harder
D) Moving closer to conquering my fears of steel deck bridges and wet pavement.


II. Cool Revalations
If you are like me, then you probably want to grow up big and strong like Andy Triebold. You want to have big biceps and ridiculous abs. You drink protien powder after your morning run. Hey me too!! But I ran out of protien a couple of weeks ago and, when shopping for a new carton at Vitamin Shoppe, opted for the low-calorie (vanilla) kind. BIG mistake. It's so sweet I can't even stomach it. Whereas I used to mix my OLD protien powder in oatmeal, orange juice, milk, or water, now I can't without having my teeth rot and fall out (really... they rot... and then they fall out.) So I've been forgoing protien altogether, but breakfast is lackluster without it, especially when you're imagining your muscles atrophying. So, given that I drink 3 cups of coffee in the morning, I have solved the problem: mix the protien powder with the coffee!! It's delicious and I highly recommend it. And if that's not motivation enough, just think... I bet Andy Triebold drinks his in coffee.

III. Muscle Soreness
I hate when people complain about how sore they are, mostly because I just really don't care. So I'm happy to report my muscle soreness not as a complaint, but a joyous ode to the core workout I did on Wednesday at Brownstone Physical Therapy.

If you ever feel like you don't have the greatest 6-pack of all time, go to Brownstone and ask for Dan. His workouts are so great; all you have to do is remember to breathe after you give in to the pain. You'll only be sore for a Weak. ha

Speaking of weeks, tomorrow will wrap up mine with more biking, and an OD hike or rollerski... perfect ways to enjoy doubtlessly wet effects of tropical storm Noel.