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A couple weeks ago, we at Forge Racing (Marc, Holly, Kyle, Jason, and myself) made a sweet workout video to add to the Forge's previous workout video series that was a smashing success amongst canoe racers throughout this season. This edition is entitled "The 400 Workout," named after the 300 workout, which is essentially the regimen for the actors in the movie "300" (which I have yet to see) It uses kettlebells and the idea of supersetting the exercises to build explosive strength while getting a killer cardio workout. (read: you never catch your breath)

To create this torturous routine, we watched Youtube videos of the 300 workout and then Marc lengthed and adapted it to create the "400" workout. (read: we're tough, most ain't) The total workout is only 25 [intense] minutes long and we do it every Friday. Not that anyone reads my blog per se, especially not those who would be interested in the video, but in the interest of practicing what it might be like if and when I actually do have my own devoted readers, the video is available for $25 in VHS or DVD format. Additionally, the old videos (paddling technique, weights routine, and endurance routine) are available for $25 with a guarantee of rapid improvement if you copy our workouts exactly.

Team Forge at the 90-miler