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I did next to nothing today... just homework and creating this new header, which still needs work. I am ridiculously tired and unmotivated, but it's been a rough week [with the shoulder thing] so I'm cool about taking it easy.

Speaking of which, my saving grace as far as shoulder pain has been my brand new robotic arm! (My mom got it for me on ebay this week.) I refer to him fondly as "Iceman" and we've gotten pretty close... we sleep together every night.

If you've ever had surgery you've probably used one... it's a cuff with tiny channels in it that's hooked up to a cooler full of ice water. The cuff goes around your shoulder, and when you turn it on, the ice water flows through the channels and "ices" your shoulder. Then you just crawl under lots of blankets, put on toasty socks, a hat, and mittens, and race to fall asleep before the cold sets in. Sort of uncomfortable, but it really works to reduce muscle spasming during the night. It also works to produce very "cold-related" dreams: so far this week, I've gone searching for polar bears, camping in the Arctic with no sleeping bag, and kayaking in San Diego when a snowstorm hits. I'm hoping tonight's will involve mountain climbing... Himalayas, maybe, but I'd settle for Alps... or even Rockies!