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Well, almost. Eight inches of snow fell today and more is coming. Today was my last day of classes (of my first semester of college!) I have two finals on Tuesday (physics and statistics) and then I will be free to do Whatever I Want for 5 weeks. I can't wait. I'm imagining all the possible scenarios: Florida, California, Ottowa, heck, why stop there, how about Europe, New Zeland, the moon... but more realistically, Lake Placid, and Salmon Hills. I would like to ski as much as possible, and I'm itching for a roadtrip. Gosh, that sounds like the recipe for perfection.

Yesterday night, before all this snow fell, I skied at the brand new Bristol Mountain Summit Nordic Center with Brian and Alan. I have such fond memories of traveling to Bristol (a 50 min drive from Rochester) to hike in the autumns with Coach Weston, ski at the top in the wintertime, or downhill on weekends with my high school friends. So it was disappointing to be disappointed in the Nordic Center, if you know what I mean. They only have a 1.2k loop groomed right now, and it's almost totally flat. The only other loop-1.3k- which isn't groomed right now- is only slightly more "hilly." Additionally, they advertise as being open until 10pm but actually they kicked us off the trails just after 9. One thing they do have going for them: the new yurt! It is warm and spacious! Sure beats the old summit ambiance: a snowbank in which to throw your skibags after hiking a mile from your car to the racecourse. Also, I can't overlook the fact that they have about a hundred giant snow cannons, so if the winter was to warm up like last year's, we'd all be flocking to Bristol to bail us out of our stunned snow-lessness. Final word: I only plan on going to Bristol if A. There's no snow anywhere closer, or B. I'm watching my little sister Anna compete in the league races.