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Mendon Ponds Park


Hello blogosophere. Today's entry is going to be an exhilarating journey of 2,649 miles from the sandy, palm-tree lined beaches of San Diego to the forested glacial footprint of Mendon Ponds Park.

As many of you may be aware, Mendon Ponds Park is a lovely outdoor playground located in Pittsford, NY. Its kettles, eskers, and other glacial formations create a heavily-forested hilly masterpiece which plays host to snowshoers, cross-country ski racers, trail-runners, mountain-bikers, "nordic walkers" (tee hee hee) and an abundant deer population. As many of you may NOT be aware, Mendon Ponds Park is arguably my favorite place in the whole world.

We are a match made in heaven.

I miss it very much lately, because it’s springtime and if I were home, I’d be crust skiing, running the 10k in my snowshoes, and maybe shooting potato guns with the Day brothers.

Lucky for you, reader, I have compiled my [rather sparse] collection of Mendon Ponds Action-Shots into a photos-with-captions arrangement to share with you now!

The start of a league race, circa 2003

Global warming

Double-poling off the start line, 2002

I actually have a ton of really cool skiing photos, but I'm only going to post the ones where either my technique looks really good or I'm winning.

To diversify, I’ll add a summer picture. Here is Aaron learning how to swim- I mean paddle- a sprint kayak. The picture doesn’t really do him justice though; he was actually paddling around by the end of the afternoon.