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Double the Fun With Double the Irony


I exited the airplane last night singing "Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain..." which was a total riot, as it was windy like the song, and furthermore (this is the double part of the double irony) I was stepping off of a PLANE. Get it?? Plane... plain?

And now, dear reader, for lack of any other interesting updates, and to hold off on any more hilarious puns: a glimpse into the here-and-now of suite #325 at the Marriot Residence Hotel in Oklahoma City! Featuring Susannah Stuccio, Lauren Austin, and yours truly!

Lauren stands by the mirror, furiously ripping a brush through the wind-created snarls in her hair. "The results are in," she says, grimly defeated. "I should have shaved my head before coming to trials."
Susannah, meanwhile, is flopped on her bed in the next room with her cell phone, willing her pictures to send to fragmob-- holding out on a sliver of hope that this time-the 57th- will be the time that they go through.
Emily is laying horizontally on the crisp white sheets, peering repeatedly over her shoulder out the window and cracking her knuckles while she dreams up what to type next. It's not the racing that she hates but the waiting, though she does concede that waiting is better in a deluxe two-bedroom, two-bathroom, fireplace-included suite overlooking the river.
(It doesn't really overlook the river. I just made that part up. I also made up the part about Susannah sending 57 pictures to fragmob. She actually only sent 32.)

Apparently the snapshot into our afternoon is only good if embellished.