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Canada Day Regatta


Happy Canada Day!!

We woke up at 3am this morning, crossed the border around 4:30, and arrived in Ottawa two hours later. That was the worst part of the day.

Vinson and I raced a smokin' k2 500m soon afterwards and won. The k1 500m was a few hours later. For this regatta- which is far less official than others- the heats don't have progressions; they just combine times from all the heats and rank you accordingly. So, Vinson and Maia went 1-2 in heat A and I came second to Emily Raymond (from the Canadian team) in heat B and so the overall result turned out:

1. Emily Raymond
2. Emily Vinson
3. Emily Wright


They run 100m races here too... which are notorious for being a contest of who has the best false start. They also don't count any results except first place.

And the last race of the day was the k4 500m. Because there are only 3 girls here on the U-23 team, we borrowed Nicole Mallory of the junior team (and also from Rochester like me!) for the k4. The four of us went great together. We had a decent start (second off the line) and came down the course even with the girls from Ontario. At the 250m mark, we did a bit of a pickup and dropped them pretty easily for the win.


We just got home now so I'm off to sleep. I'll be happily back to training in the morning... and hopefully sneaking in a trail run or a ride before our morning paddling session.