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What's New

LPI Regatta: Day 1


It was, say... satisfactory at best.

In the morning I had my k1 1000m heat: a draw with some fast Canadians. I came 2nd with a fast enough time to progress to the final, so it was back to the training center to kill an entire five hours before our next race. (The entire day of racing was 12 hours long!) I ate some okra and chicken for lunch and took a nap. I biked back to the course for our 3:10 k4 1000m final, which we basically just bombed (read: didn't win.) I'd be happy with our silver medal if we'd raced well, but we did not. And it was obvious because we beat the Ontario crew in Ottowa 4 days ago and they got us easily today.

The k1 1000m final was about 1 hour later. I'm not exactly thrilled with this one, either, because despite a good first 500m spent basking in our Three-Emily Break-Away, I was edged out at the finish for second place by less than .3 seconds. (Final results: Emily Vinson, Emily Raymond, Emily Wright.) I should have started my kick 50 meters earlier... hell, I should have started my kick 5 meters earlier. Oh well. Live and learn. You have to train in a kayak in order to race it fast. Proven theory. You heard it here!

The k2 1000m was the last race of the day and, after our k4 loss earlier, Vinson and I were fired up for the win. We came off the start line riding even with Emily Raymond's k2 and kept it cool until our Sweet Breakaway, which we staged at the 500m mark and carried all the way through the finish line for the win. Nice.

Funny small-world story: the Mangans are here for the weekend!!

Time for bed. 500 meter races tomorrow: totally the bomb.