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What's New

LPI Regatta: Day 2


We started off the day with 500m heats in the morning. I came in 4th in my heat with a 2:06 which actually isn't very good... but we had the fast heat so I made it into the final. Phew. We had k2 heats 2 hours later and Vinson and I won easily for a spot in the final.

Then it off to High Peaks to hang out with my [best] friend Kelly.

And then back to the lake for k4 500m direct final at 2. This, just as yesterday, didn't go well. I'm not sure why our k4 felt so much worse than it did in Ottowa. Fatigue, perhaps? So we were admittedly disappointed to come away with silver.

The k1 500m final was a few hours later. I was gunning for this one. There was a strong side/headwind- which I love- and a stacked final. My only goal was to just get off the line. Not training for sprints means my starts are slow as hell, and sometimes 500m is not enough time to catch back up. But my start was alright, I dropped people in the middle, and my finishing kick was just barely too slow to catch Emily Vinson... so she edged me out by less than a second. Bummer... but at least the Emilys still went 1-2-3.

1. Emily Raymond
2. Emily Vinson
3. Emily Wright

That's sweet. If Emily Mickle had come we'd have gone 1-2-3-4. Man. And that's almost 50% of the final.

Vinson and I won the k2 500m: the last event of the day. We were behind until the 250m, when we kicked it up a gear and passed the girls from Rideau. It was well-fought.

My little sister was on the verge of heat stroke and tears by the end of the day so we tried to leave before dark so we could make it home at a decent hour. (Nope... 1:30am) I am very tired and I am taking the day off today!!