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What's New

Nationals: Day Two


First thing this morning was was k4 1000m final. My crew won this (Jen Burke, Kaitlyn McElroy, Katarina Batina, and me) It was our first time in the boat together.

Next up was the k2 1000m. I raced this one with Jen Burke- also our first time paddling together. This race was pretty exciting. We had a fairly slow start (probably 4th or 5th of the line) and then we basically had our work seriously cut out for us because Katie Hagler and Emily Mickle (who were partners for World Cups earlier this summer) were in the lead. I was really proud of the way we didn't give up even though we were a full boat length behind. I actually talked with Greg Barton (2-time gold medalist in 1988) yesterday, and he said that many times when paddlers have a slow start they'll try to make up for it during the first 500 meters, and then they'll die in the second half. That ran through my head as I kept the stroke rate controlled. We ended up passing Emily Vinson and Ann Blanchard in the second 500m, and then Emily Mickle/Katie Hagler in the last 100m. It was a good race for us.

This afternoon was the k1 1000m. Emily Vinson, Emily Mickle, and I were dead even in lanes 4,5,6 until the 800m, at which point Emily Vinson pulled away from me and I pulled away from Emily Mickle, making the finish an Emily sweep. (The commentators loved this)

Tomorrow is just 500m heats and I do believe it's supposed to be cooler, so I am excited about that.