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Sailing with sharks


A few of us enjoyed today's beautiful weather from Maggie's sailboat. After several hours on the bay, we disembarked and were walking down the pier when we spotted a shark!!

It was a dead shark.

In my opinion, this is the best kind of shark.

Apparently 4 people were scuba diving off of Point Loma when they spotted a 7-gill shark. When he started circling, they shot him with a speargun and then hauled him up to their sailboat. They hoisted him onto the boat using the main line and brought him back to the marina. I couldn't believe how chill these guys were when describing the terrifying circumstance of having a giant shark come around to say hello.

"We figured if he circled again, we'd shoot him. And he did. So we did. It was a pretty good shot."

A good shot? Yeah, I mean, I hope so.

When they hoisted the shark up out of the boat to weigh it, chunks of less-than-delicious-smelling seal fell out of its stomach. The shark was probably 7 feet long, and weighed in at 135 pounds. Its skin was all dried out and felt rough like sand paper. We opened his mouth and admired his beautiful set of razor-sharp gnashers.

Like I said. A dead shark is my favorite kind of shark.

The fellas who caught the shark invited us to come to their barbeque, but we decided to go back and eat training center food. This may or may not have been better than fresh shark steaks.