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What's New

World Cups, here we come!!


Wondering how trials went? Swimmingly! (but not really! ha ha)

I placed second in the k1 500m (my best domestic result), just 1 second behind winner Maggie Hogan.

Me and Emily Mickle teamed up and won the k2 race.

Our k4 (Maggie Hogan, me, Arasay Andino, Emily Mickle) won both k4 races (one Saturday, one Sunday) and were subsequently named to the World Cup Team!

You got it. Team USA leaves for Europe in T minus 7 days. We will compete in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary. It is especially exciting for me to see my hard work [finally] paying off, because this is my first time competing in Europe as a senior paddler!

The caveat, of course, is that this is a self-funded trip. $5,000 checks are due by 5pm P.S.T.

Know any rich philanthropists? Send them to my donations page here.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support. More updates to follow soon!