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This afternoon after 2 workouts and lunch, we loaded into the team van and drove to the train station, where there is a 40-minute express train through the countryside that goes directly into Prague. I have been looking forward to this since our Monday trip got rained out.

Upon arrival in Prague, first things first: we immediately chose a cute-looking coffee shop and all 10 of us ordered espresso or cappuccino. Most members of this team are coffee lovers (some are more addicted than others) and we have all been craving coffee since we left America. Since we haven't yet had anything resembling real coffee, the caffeine hit us hard and we had plenty of energy to go find item number 2: pizza!

10 Americans sat down and ordered... 10 pizzas. I was kind of embarrassed to play a cliche American so well, but more just hungry.

After we were full of coffee and pizza, we walked around Old Town, found cute shops, walked over the Charles Bridge, and saw the Prague Castle. It was fun to be a tourist in such a gorgeous city. I've never seen buildings so old!

We were there in the city for a few hours, because we have training tomorrow, but we will probably go back on Saturday afternoon and Sunday!!