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Pre-Race Day of FUN


I was asked "What do you do on they day before an important race?"

I don't do anything special. I woke up, washed dishes, and made a pot of coffee. I watched stage 7 of the Tour on TV before meeting Mickle (who is also my neighbor) to walk to the training center (that's what neighborhood ladies do together... they walk... and bake pies. Tehe!) We ate a leisurely breakfast in the cafeteria and then headed for the boathouse, where we washed our boats and went for a light paddle on the course.

This afternoon I'm going to lay in bed, continue plugging away at Atlas Shrugged, and maybe have a nap. The goals for today are to relax, eat plenty of food, stay hydrated, and not really give tomorrow too much thought. The training and the preparation have been done. In the immortal words of the Forge members, "Tomorrow I will go as fast as I can go... and that will be as fast as I can go."

I like to spend the day doing fun things like reading, watching movies, and hanging out with good people. That way I end the day feeling relaxed, calm and confident.

Good luck to all of us (10 girls and 6 boys) who are racing for spots on the World Championships team. I'll announce the lineup on Sunday evening!