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What's New

Planning for this week


Currently without a coach, I'm writing my own training programs. So what's on the agenda for this week?

Keeping things simple, I've decided to work on everything I'm bad at. You know, the old train-your-weaknesses-and-race-your-strengths cliche. (Planks, rope-climbing, bench press, pull-ups, any leg exercise, YOGA, and the rowing machine are just a few of my weaknesses I'll be throwing in my workouts this week.)

Here's the cardio medley that I have planned for tomorrow. This workout is a Forge Special-- we do this when the river is frozen over for paddling/ the roads are too dangerous to drive to the ski trails. The idea is to go as hard as you can for each segment, because you're switching every 5-10 minutes.

-10 min warm up
5 min jump rope
10 min rowing machine
5 min-- 1x arms-only rope climb, then planks for the remainder of the time
10 min run
5 min- jump rope (actually I'm really good at jumping rope, but I still have to practice a lot for my jump-off with Morgan)
5 min 1x arms rope climb and planks
10 min run
-10 min warm- down

If done correctly, this should be pretty killer.