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What's New

Let the Race Season Begin!


Yesterday's 18-mile USPP race was my first competition in 8 months and also the first canoe race in nearly 2 years. It feels good to work hard in a "long" race! ("Long" became relative when I started training for an 8-hr race.) Jon (my c2 partner) and I were 10th overall and the 1st mixed team. More importantly, we pin-pointed some key weaknesses to iron out before we race the 70-miler in 5 weeks! Wheee!

Here I am showing off my makeshift banana holder

The weather conditions were fairly epic: it rained, snowed, and hailed, and the wind never let up. The hail was so painful that I had to close my eyes; this may or may not have contributed to our steering difficulties.

After the race, I climbed into Marc and Holly's Boston-bound Forge Racing Vehicle. Holly is running the Boston Marathon tomorrow, and Marc and I are here to offer moral support.

Right now we're headed out for an easy 3-miles; then we'll attempt to navigate the crazy streets of downtown Boston to preview the course and pick up Holly's race number/timing chip.

Updates to follow!