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What's New

Incredible Adirondak Adventure


Due to the rest my shoulder requires, and the subsequent inability for me to complete the 5-hour training paddle Jon and I had planned for the weekend, we went to plan B: Hike the Adirondacks.

I brought my good friend Justin along with us. The three of us hiked 6 hours on both Saturday and Sunday, including Phelps Mountain, which was [surprisingly] my first High Peak. The Adirondack Mountains are as breathtaking as always.

Jon soaking up some sun at Marcy Dam. We had the most BEAUTIFUL hiking weather

View from Indian Falls

Washing my face with some ice-cold creek water

It was so cold it hurt. This water was snow, like, yesterday. In fact as we climbed up to Indian Falls there was still a fair amount of snow on the ground.

Me at Indian Falls

Finding my zen in the woods

Justin, me, and Jon on the summit of Phelps

Mmmm, I want to take it home with me... or better yet, just stay forever.

This is the view from Jon's LIVING ROOM WINDOW. Mt. VanHoevenburg and the bobsled run! It's incredible!

Fem+ Mountanins = True Love