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No news is bad news AND good news


So, my shoulder injury post-dislocation turned out to be more serious than I'd thought/hoped/led myself to believe. I was afraid I would need surgery, but my orthopedic surgeon doesn't think it's necessary right now. After a few weeks of rest and rehab, my pain level is low, and my activity tolerance is high; therefore even if my ligaments are torn, it's not something on which my surgeon would like to operate immediately. I'm on an intensive physical therapy program which is going well so far. I'm also lifting weights for the first time post- dislocation and that is also going much better than I'd expected!

So the bad news is that I can't race the 70-miler. This is an enormous disappointment. I've been training for this race exclusively for the past 6 weeks. But even worse is copping out on Jon (my awesome c2 partner) so late in the game. He put in a great deal of time training for this race too. We've been having a blast at canoe races this spring, and I'm sure we would have done great in the 70-miler. Luckily, even though I ditched him, he still wants to be my friend. (!)

ANNNDD, I am pleased to announce that because he's a BOSS, he's going to be racing the c1 pro 70-miler. And I will be pit-crewing for him. The Susquehanna River is very low, and temperatures are predicted to be in the 80's, so it should be a rather long, hot, epic day day. I'm looking forward to being a part of the racing experience, even though I can't race.

If you're looking for 70-miler updates, here is the event website. You can also check Forge Racing's facebook page for updates Holly sends from her phone.