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Ironman weekend 2010


This past weekend I continued my trend of one-monthly visits to Lake Placid. I was going up to watch my cousin in the Ironman, and I decided to make a huge weekend out of the whole thing.

Drew (whom I like to brag that I've known since we were 7!) is working on trail crew in Keene Valley this summer, so naturally we had to climb together. We hit up Cascade Pond Pass,

and, when it started pouring rain, King Wall, which is slightly overhanging and sheltered from the rain (for the climber, not the belayer).

(King Wall)

On Saturday morning we woke up to this:

And that's how I knew it was going to be an epic day. That, and the fact that I'd already planned the 200 pull-up challenge with Jon, set to begin mid-morning. The players in this contest included:


Drew, Jon,

Dylan, and my cousin Justin.

(The other Justin and Chelsea were doing a run instead.)

First we did 150 pull-ups. Then we couldn't do any more, so we decided to take a break and go kayaking!

Chelsea after a valiant first effort

Holding Drew up

We also fed ducks, which I realize is a poor practice, but I couldn't resist-- the little buggers were eating out of my hands!

After kayaking, my cousin Chris and his buddies came over and cooked us dinner.

(me, Chris, and my sister Anna)

They were doing the Ironman the following day and we had a delicious pasta feast, as well as a surprise birthday cake for Anna (it was her 20th birthday).

After dinner we remembered the 50 pull-ups we had left... and that's when things started to get really painful.

(Drew cheering me on for my last few)

However, I am proud to say I did complete 200!

The next day was the Ironman, and the real reason for my trip.

My cousin Justin was labeled "That Beer Guy" by many of the competitors, as he was on the roads in various spots from 8am- midnight with this sign and SEVERAL cases of PBR.

Some people cheered, and some cursed us out, but for the most part we put smiles on many faces.

And my cousin Chris finished his first Ironman; Go Chris!

All in all, it was another fantastic weekend in the North Country.