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Jon's Pasta recipe


Since I've been posting recipes lately, here's a hilarious conversation that I had with Jon on the phone 10 minutes ago.


Emily: Hey Jon, so I'm making my pre-race dinner! Mac and cheese with tuna in my hotel room microwave.
Jon: Ok....
And I was just calling to find out how you cook pasta in the microwave.
What? *laughs* Um, with water?
No I mean like, how do you do it? What's the method?
I wasn't aware I had a method.
Well how much water do you add?
Uh, well make sure the water covers the pasta.
But like how much?
I dunno I've never measured. It depends. I just kind of put some water in there.
Well what if you add too much? Then do you have to pour some water off afterwards?
Yeah, I usually strain off the extra water with some tupperware or something.
Okay, how long do you cook it for?
Depends on what kind of pasta.
It's macaroni
I don't really know
Well, give me a ballpark figure here. 4 minutes? 20 minutes?
Try 6 to start.
What size bowl do I use?
Well it's definitely going to boil over. You need to use a huge bowl.
Uh oh.
It won't taste very good but it'll get cooked.