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Nationals report, Day 1


my dad and me at the racecourse

It's been a long day-- one of those days that, when you think back to it, breakfast feels like weeks ago. It all started at 5:30am with cheerios and coffee. My first race was the women's k1 500m heat, around 9am. For me it was satisfactory- not great- but I progressed through to the final. The next 5 hours were all about waiting. I kind of forgot about the "waiting" part of sprint racing... which is ironic, because it comprises WAY more of the regatta than actually racing. Yuck.

During my down time, I got an egg sandwich and some more coffee and laid down, read some of The Odyssey, and talked to my mom on the phone. (She's back in NY moving my sis into college this week-- hi mom! hi Anna!)

mmm, soggy PB&J, my favorite (you think I'm joking?)

The 500m final was at 3:05pm. My goal was to paddle faster than a 2:05, and I paddled a 2:04, which was actually (and this speaks to the elevation of the level of US kayaking during the past 4 years) only good for 9th place in the final. I realize 2:04 isn't fast whatsoever, but I have to be happy with it since it proves I am better than I have been since I first gotten sick. It's going to be one sweet comeback. (As Justin would say, "She'll be back.... with a vengeance.")

carrying my boat up off the dock after the 500m final

After the k1 race I jumped in the k4 with team Hawaii. It was a riot paddling with them although I'm embarassed to say I missed a stroke in the middle of the race, possibly costing us first or second place. It was a total rookie error, and it destroyed all of our momentum going into the second half of the race. We managed to hang on for 3rd.

The last race of the day was the k2 500m. I paddled with Ariel Fararr-Wellman. We were extremely pleased with our second-place result because not only were we just .09 seconds out of first place, but it was our first time in a k2 together, ever. We're excited for the k2 200m on Saturday!

Look for Nicole and me in the k2 1000m tomorrow at 12:10 central time.

Thanks for reading!