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Hurricane Earl brings us wind, and I remember for the upteenth time how much I love paddling


We enjoyed 46mph winds yesterday, lower-than-normal temps, and sunshine! It was the most beautiful day since the last time I said it was the most beautiful day. First Nicole and I hammered out some 2ks in k2 (ha ha!!) The wind was fierce but somehow Jason still managed to peg us several times with crabapples that he'd picked off a tree by the dock before practice. The annual Apple War has begun.

Afterwards, shivering, I immediately drove over to Irondiquoit Bay for war-canoe practice. Forge Racing is entering their annual war-canoe team in the 90-miler. Though I'm not part of this year's team, this weekend I helped fill in for Matt who is racing La Classique in Quebec. War canoe is great fun. Here in NY we do it marathon- style... that is to say, Native American style... that is to say, sitting down, not kneeling. The weather was strange, the waves on the lake were huge, and my spirits were high. Happy weekend everyone!

This is our war canoe team from 2007