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Amazing Archeological Finds


One of of today's projects was "erase all your old stuff from the family computer." I figured there wouldn't be anything interesting left over on there from high school. Boy was I wrong! I will now share with you some of my favorite finds.

This cell-phone snapshot is circa 2005, taken after a minor disaster during ski practice at Mendon Ponds Park. I was rollerskiing with Dylan and we ran into Warren McDermott and stopped to talk for a minute. While standing completely still and talking to them, I fell down hard. Thankfully (and oddly!) neither Dylan nor Warren noticed me crash right next to them (or the blood dripping down my leg) because they were so engrossed in their conversation.

From document I kept entitled "Westonisms" (quotes from our iconic high school ski coach Roger Weston):
"Back in the old days, they didn't use gloves, they just drank whiskey and stopped complaining"

"This shouldn't be too hard. The Norwegians used to ski on smooth logs and used one 20 foot long pole"

2005 World Canoe/Kayak Marathon Championship team, in Perth Australia

From the document entitled "Excuses for a Bad Race" which I compiled with Matt Deady in the back of the ski team bus as a satirical piece for those individuals just looking for excuses. The original list includes over 100-- here are a few of my favorites. * means that this was an actual excuse used-- sometimes they were even valid!:
My poles are too heavy
There were wild animals blocking the course
There were wild spectators blocking the course
There was bad cheering
I didn't wear enough clothes*
I wore too many clothes*
My roomate was snoring last night
My sunglasses were foggy*
I missed the start*
I missed the finish
I got stuck in a snow fence*
I got lost*
Fallen trees were blocking the course
There was an avalanche on Little White face
I had a non-motivational song stuck in my head
I tripped over my beard
I'm taking the Per Elofseson approach
Nobody told me there were uphills in cross-country skiing
Nobody told me there were downhills in cross country skiing
Our bus got stuck in a ditch and tipped over*
I was attacked by a _____ (fill in animal here)
I forgot my windbriefs*
Small animals became embedded in my kickwax
I stopped for a snowball fight
I was pushed into a thorn bush*
My leg was run over by a wagon
I put my skis on backwards
My wax iron was set 1 degree off*
I was too busy looking at ____(guys/girls) in spandex suits
The pitch of the cowbells was slightly too high
I gave this race as a sacrifice to the snow gods
I was trying to look good for the pictures

Me posing with my nalgene collection in 2006. (It's bigger now.) I think the purple and the yellow ones are having a fight.

haha. High school prom with Brian!

I also found a bunch of old itunes songs, the funniest of which is this song, which was a favorite in like, 6th grade. I used to sing along but I didn't really pay attention to the lyrics. Whoops.