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What's New

So what's the plan?


So I'm in Rochester. What's going on?

Well, I have 4 more days to finish my English degree at MCC, which is cool because it means that I am halfway done with my undergrad degree.... at age 23. Yay class of 2034!!

So training mostly consists of paddling on the Erie Canal with the Rochester gang, lifting at Crossfit Rochester, sneaking in some canoeing with Forge Racing, hopefully attending a few marathon races for some fun mileage, and building a third bookshelf to house my ever-growing library. I am also helping my dad cultivate some peas, onions, and zucchinis, as well as busting out my slackline moves and getting my trail run on.

I remain in a whirlwind of the above activities until late June, when I will trek up to Lake Placid for our World Championships Team Trials.

Additionally, as I endeavor to fund above racing and traveling, I am available for hire in the following occupations: babysitting, plant-sitting, tutoring, violin-teaching, personal training, pie-baking, driving long distances, kayak-fixing.