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Blogging> writing papers


This is what my dashboard counting widgets are telling me. Do you see that!?!? Less than 5 days until freedom!!!
I have 2 finals tomorrow, 2 finals on Monday, and a project and a big paper due Monday. At 3pm on Monday afternoon, I will walk out of the classroom and thank the universe for getting me through this hard semester. And then maybe stick my head in a bucket of ice water and scream. Or take off my shoes and run through campus screaming "NEVER AGAIN." One of those.

As you can see, my widgets are also counting down to Crossfit Regionals. Crossfit Rochester qualified for the Northeast Regionals by placing 15th among all Northeast US gyms at the Crossfit Open held this spring. I am currently the female alternate on our team, which means the remainder of May will be spent training hard in case I am needed! I'm psyched for the event because Matt is also on the team. This is the first time either of us has competed at such a high-level Crossfit competition, and we are already planning on making a habit of it. You can read about our team members here.

Now it's time for me to stop procrastinating and start writing my final paper, which happens to be about the Haitian diaspora viewed through the lens of a short story by Kettly Mars.